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Sweet nudes models

Sweet nudes models

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Related article: Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 01:58:49 -0700 (PDT) From: ray hkg Subject: Change of my life (installment no 6)WARNING: This story is about homosexual and domination. If this subject offends you, or if it is illegal in your country, little bambi model or youngest hot models if you are under the legal age, please do not read further and leave.Change of my life (Chapter 6)By: Ray ( )Chapter 6: Prepare for submission.i missed Master Jack a lot on the flight. i cannot keep from thinking about Master Jack and the ways He shaved me, bonded me, whipped me and tortured me. I also keep thinking in sucking and serving Master Jack. All the scenes appeared just like a slide show.i have made a dream on the plane. In the dream, i was totally clean-shaven and naked except for my collar, piercing, cock cage, a tail-like butt plug in my ass, and tattoos on my body. With Master Jack leashing me like a dog, to a group of people. They shouted at me and laughed at me that i was only suitable to live as a dog-slave. I was not angry but feels happy and to show my happiness by wagging my tail.i take out the contract when i was awaked. i go through the contract Master Jack has given to me. It is similar to the training contract i have signed before my training session began. Except for stating i am voluntarily giving up all my soul, body and human rights in order to submitted as Master Jack's slave property, Master has the sole decision how to shave me, dress me, mark me, tattoo me, piercing me, punish me, or else to make me appear as His owned slave property. Master has a promise to maintain my health status and promised no scat, blood and bareback session. However, Master has withdrew the safe word as He mentioned on the contract that as a full time owned slave property, i has no right to stop Him as He has the absolute right and He will keep His promises not to youngest hot models put me into danger. It isn't a matter, as i know i can fully trust ppe teen model on Master Jack.In the last paragraph, Master Jack wrote, "slave, used to named as Ray in the free human role, is now named by its Master as "x", with a slave registration numbered 471272. Once slave x signed and finger-printed on this contract, slave x will then voluntarily become Master Jack's owned slave property and only named as "x" or "slave x". its human name only used for identification in the human world."\The next item is "slave's human signature and finger-print."i signed after reading it but just can't fingerprint at the same time as i don't have the ink to do so. i start worrying about the reactions of my parents and friends after i told them what i am going to do. i can only feel sorry to them but the slavery life is what i looked for. i hope they can understand as everyone has to right to decide how they live, and this is my choice.When i was back to home, i stripped at little bambi model once and lock back to the cock cage and the shackles. i can't forget Master Jack has told me He has the first idea of tattooing me. i use a bold marker to draw an "x" to adult young models each of my nipples and the word "slave" over each of the "x"s. i looked from the mirror and found it is a really interesting look and much more funny together with the tits pierced. Then fingerprinted the contract by the inkpad and start writing my resign letter to have it handed to my department head on the next morning.i handed my resign letter to the department head. He asked for the reason and i just told him that a friend of mine in US invited me to help him and i accept his offer during the visit, and i also enjoy the life there. He has nothing to said but wish me lucky, and a reference letter together with a confirmation note will be sent to me in the afternoon.i worked with my colleagues close together but we are not friends, so i don't need to tell them the truth. But i am really enjoyed to live as a slave.A confirmation note is sent to me in the afternoon stating my resignation is accepted. After deducting my remained annual leave and OT, my last working date is Nov 13. i have handed over my works before my vacation, so there is not much works need to be handover. The department head only asked me to help the colleagues and i don't have much to do.i called my friends and asked for a meeting at the weekend. i just tell them I will leave within a week or two and will tell the details in the meeting.i go to visit my parents after work. At first, i can't say a word. After a deep breath, i told them i am gay and i had found a master to own me as His slave. They shocked then dad asked, "What the hell are you talking about?" i try my best to explain to model swimsuit young them that like the old times, Masters own slaves. And the unlikeness is, i have to satisfy all Master's requirement, including sex, and i will only become a slave and nothing more. i played the photo cd to show some of my slave-training photos Master Jack took.i am sure that if they are not healthy enough, they must as pass out after seeing my photos. My mother ran to her bedroom and cannot keep from crying. My father smacked my face and looked at me angrily without saying a word."Sorry dad! But this is what i really look for. i knew the idea is crazy and does not make sense at all. But the truth is, i like it. schoolgirl models toplist i have to tell you that since i was a teenager, i start tiring myself up and i found I kids models porno like to be tied up. The elder i grew up, the more i liked to be bonded up." i said and start unzipping my trousers to shown him my shaved and cage-locked cock. "i used to lock myself up like this and now, my Master lock me up and has total control over me. i loved to be controlled."Another smack from my father and he said, "Leave and never come back! i don't have such a crazy son!""Sorry dad! Take care and goodbye!" i said as i put an envelope on the table and leave.In the envelope, sweet nudes models there is a check of half of my savings, and a letter saying i am really teen pagent models sorry to them and explaining my feeling towards slavery. Anyway, i found i have put down a load.There is not much for me to do in the office in the following days. I checked for the flight information and decided to take the afternoon flight on the coming Monday, Nov 15, back to Master Jack's place. I send an email to Master Jack to confirm I have signed the contract, resigned from my job, told my adult young models parents the truth and the planned meeting with my friends, and finally my flight details.Master replied to my email wrote only, "wait for me at the airport. Master Jack."i have called the estate agent to terminate the lease contract of the apartment and arrange a time on Sunday to return the keys. Also called the car agent to sell my car and finally negotiated for the best price.i don't need my clothing anymore, but just a suitcase is enough to avoid questioning from the immigration and customs. I packed up the remained and sent to a local charity organization.i have reserved a private room to yoanna model meet my friend in a legal tiny models Chinese restaurant. When everybody arrived, they asked for the reason of gathering. i tell them i will leave Hong Kong on Monday and start my new life in US. i tell them i will describe in details after dinner legal tiny models as my idea is crazy. They keep asking if i have found someone very special during my last vacation and i don't tell after meal.There is nothing to hind and the time to tell the truth. Everyone is shocked and in dead silence after listening to what I have said. After a few minutes, my best friend, Kei said, "Well, this is what you choose and I hope you have made a correction decision. We are adult and matured enough to have everything though very carefully before we do. Anyway, if you have any problem, you can call me young nude model anytime and I will always on your side, Ray!"i have no more to say but thank them. They shacked with me and left with an excuse. i know it is difficult for them to face me and i would be the same if my fried told the same to me. But i don't feel lonely. All i can feel is relaxed because i have nothing to worry about anymore. All i have to do is to serve my Master and i know Master Jack will train me as His good slave.The estate agent called me at night to confirm the time i left and he will pay back the deposits at the time i return the keys. i asked him to come over on time at 9am on Monday as i have to head to the airport.At Sunday night, I received a phone call. At exotic lingerie models first, it is silence. Then I heard mum's voice "Take care son! This is always your home!""Take care mum! Sorry! Bye!" i said then i hang up. i love my parents, but i love my Master amateur erotic models more, i love to be His slave property.On Monday morning, I packed my shackles into the suitcase and the contract in my hand-carry bag. The agent came to collect the keys on time. After checking up everything, he paid back my deposit and asked me to call him when i come back.i headed to the bank to have all my remained savings exchanged into US dollars, and to pay me in form of bank draft collectable in LA. When i cash it at LA, i will hand the money to Master Jack.At the airport, i decided not to unlock my cock cage and I know i will have no more decision power on myself young photographic models after 12 hours. I set off the metal detector and double check me with the hand-carry metal detector. They found my belt has two large metal rings for fastening and did not go further and let me pass. Just wonder how will they react if they found the truth.The feeling is totally different from the last flight. Three weeks ago, i was filled with fantasy. Now, everything is real, I have to live as a slave forever and i can't turn back, especially after Master Jack had me marked as His slave.I can't sleep well on the whole flight and keep thinking what Master Jack has designed for my salve tattoo. I was a bit nervous but very excited. I haven't had any tattoos or piercing before but I will have them on my body, not as "up-date fashion" but "marks of a slave".After passing through the immigration and custom, i looked around for Master Jack in the lobby of the arrival hall. i remembered Master jack has ordered me to wait for Him at the airport, but He has not told me where to wait for Him. In my mind, there are two options. First is to wait for Master Jack at the chair He sat last time. Second is to wait for Master jack at the car park He parked the car last time. Both places are not difficult to locate. The point is where to wait for Master.(To be continued)Arthur's note: I have received some readers' email, sending me with their own experiences and suggestions. I do really thanks everyone who has read my story and sending me the feedback. I will promise to reply to every email I received as soon as possible. Once again, any comments are welcomed, thanks a lot!
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